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Please register your microchips!!!

As pet owners, our furry companions are not just animals; they are cherished members of our families. We go to great lengths to ensure their well-being and safety, from providing them with nutritious food to taking them on regular vet visits. One crucial aspect of pet care that often gets overlooked is microchipping. While many pet owners understand the importance of microchipping their pets, it's equally important to ensure that these microchips are registered properly.

Importance of Registering Microchips

Registering your pet's microchip is as crucial as getting them microchipped in the first place. Here's why:

  • Registering your pet's microchip ensures that their unique identification number is linked to your contact information. Without registration, there would be no way for anyone who finds your pet to contact you.

  • Most chips inserted via us will have Twice Purrfect Feline Rescue as a permanent backup contact – in the event that you cannot be reached or your registration is incorrect, we would be contacted to assist in reuniting you with your pet. That said, if your information is outdated, we would also be unable to reunite you.

  • In the unfortunate event that your pet goes missing, a registered microchip significantly increases the chances of being reunited with them. Animal shelters and veterinary clinics routinely scan lost pets for microchips. If your pet's chip is registered, you can be quickly contacted and informed of their whereabouts.

  • In cases of disputes over ownership, a registered microchip serves as indisputable proof that your pet belongs to you. This can be invaluable if someone claims them as their own.

  • Knowing that your pet's microchip is registered provides peace of mind. You can rest assured that if your pet ever gets lost, you've taken proactive steps to increase the likelihood of them being returned to you safely.

How to Register a Microchip

Registering your pet's microchip was done on your behalf after adoption via and an account was created in your name using the email address on your adoption application. If you accepted this registration but don’t know your password, you can do a “password reset” on the website and it will guide you through the process. If you did not accept the registration, or if you don’t know, simply message us via the Chat function on our website, via Facebook Messenger, via email to or via text to 720-772-9175 and we can help you with the details.

If you would like to register via a different company, or add your pet to an account you already have, you can usually do this by contacting the microchip registry directly and providing proof of ownership in the form of your adoption paperwork. If you have any issues with this, or require copies of your paperwork, please let us know and we will be happy to help you with the process.

If you have another pet in your home and would like to get them microchipped, contact us!! If we can't help, we can put you in touch with other resources to get it done so that every animal is protected.

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