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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Twice Purrfect Feline Rescue?
    Twice Purrfect was founded in 2017 after Lisa and Melanie spent years fostering cats for other local rescues. Deciding it was time to branch out on their own they realized their efforts could best serve animals that have little to no chance at a better life. In many places there is very little education on, and even fewer opportunities for owners to receive, low cost spay and neuter services, leading to many unwanted pet pregnancies. Kittens and mothers alike are taken to a shelter, often adopted out where they aren't spayed or neutered, and the cycle continues. The unlucky ones become part of the unfathomable number of animals that are euthanized every day. Twice Purrfect Feline Rescue strives to help break this cycle, by bringing animals from these locations to Colorado and providing spays/neuters, vaccinations and microchips before finding a forever home for these forgotten cats.
  • Where is Twice Purrfect Located?
    Twice Purrfect Feline Rescue is not a shelter, but is a foster-based rescue which means that our cats live with foster families. These foster families are spread out across the greater Denver Metro area. As such, we do not have a central location which houses all of our cats. If you are interested in a particular cat, follow the adoption process (starting with an application) as laid out on our Adoption page.
  • If there is no location, how can I see your cats?
    Our cats are cared for in volunteer foster homes across the Denver area and are not available for visits at those homes. If you are interested in a particular cat, follow the application process on our Adoption page and we will review and contact qualified adopters to setup a home visit.
  • What do adoption fees include?
    Our adoption fees include the following on all cats: - Spay/Neuter before adoption - Age appropriate vaccinations - FIV/FeLV testing - Microchip with backup registration to the rescue in case of emergency Our adoption fees cover only a portion of the costs associated with saving animals from out-of-state shelters, bringing them to Colorado, and performing these services to prevent further unwanted pregnancies. We also believe in the necessity of high-quality nutrition, which most of these animals have never had in their lives.
  • Is Twice Purrfect Feline Rescue a no-kill rescue?
    Twice Purrfect specializes in removing cats from high-kill shelters where they have little chance for survival. We do not euthanize any animal which is adoptable and they will stay with one of our fosters until they find their forever home. In very limited circumstances, and only when no other medical alternative is available, we may perform euthanasia on a cat who is critically ill in order to ease their suffering.
  • Will Twice Purrfect Feline Rescue rehome my cat, or help this stray I found?
    We are not a municipal shelter and cannot take in stray cats who are found locally. Often cats in Colorado are indoor/outdoor animals and may just be out and about from their home; going to a municipal shelter where they can scan a cat for a micro-chip is the best way to figure out if the cat already has a loving home. Many shelters in Denver have very high adoption rates, so taking a stray to a shelter is not a death sentence for them. If you indeed need to rehome an animal which you own, our ability to assist will vary depending on the time of year and availability of our fosters. Our focus is on saving animals that cannot save themselves first and foremost. Please contact us for more information or to discuss your specific situation. Please note that Twice Purrfect Feline Rescue recommends that all cats are kept as indoor cats only as our state is home to a wide variety of predators that can harm the animal. Any cat adopted from Twice Purrfect Feline Rescue is required to stay indoors unless outside and supervised by the parents.
  • How can I help?
    See our Foster page. We're always in search of loving foster homes. We also rely on donations to operate as rescues do not receive money or assistance from state and federal sources. The cost for us to care for each cat exceeds what is normally considered a reasonable adoption fee and thus donations help us to help more cats.
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