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At Twice Purrfect we believe that it’s the cat that picks the people, not the other way around.  We strive to match our cats with the purrfect family so that both adopters and adoptees have the best possible chance at long term success and bonding. 

Adoption Considerations

Application Process

If you are interested in one of our cats please see the details below on how to begin the adoption process.  You can review our FAQ for commonly asked questions.

Image by Christin Hume

The Paperwork

Fill out the Adoption Application Form.  Be as detailed as possible as your responses help us determine which fur-ever companion will be best for you.

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Home Visit

We'll schedule a time to come see you, or maybe you come see us. It's time to meet your potential new family member.

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Additional Information

Have more information you'd like to share about your household but couldn't find a spot on the form?  Reach out to us via email or text, reference your application, and let us know those details.

Image by Dimitri Karastelev

The Paperwork Pt. 2

This one is on us.  We need to compile all the paperwork for our records, and yours, as required by PACFA.

Image by Anthony Tran

Sit Back and Relax

This step may take some time. We'll be looking at your application and our cats trying to find you the purrfect partner.


Welcome Home

Don't worry, your new family member won't be dropped at your door. They'll arrive in style with all of the previously mentioned paperwork.

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