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Today was the big day for Ms. Sassy. She was comfortable at home, starting to get a bit more healthy and was finally ready to see the vet. So off we went... she didn't mind the car, but the bumps... she told me about every single bump in the road and how she was NOT ok with them. Enough was enough and she decided to sit on my daughter's lap for the ride.

Once we got there Ms. Sassy got her checkup and what we suspected was confirmed. She was indeed a senior cat, probably older than our 15 year old based on her teeth and arthritis. The good news is that it's only in her knees, and her lack of mobility wasn't due to any major injury. We can treat this, and we will treat this. There was one major surprise after the checkup... turns out Ms. Sassy is Mr. Seymour S. Sassafras!

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