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Out and about

Remember how I mentioned that Sassy has a mouth on her? Well this week she decided that she was tired of living in the basement with our other Maine Coon and our other long term foster Jasper and wanted to come out to the rest of the house.

Sassy on the couch

I can safely say that it's impossible to take a conference call with her yelling at the basement door because she knows I'm sitting on the couch. So instead, this is what we get. Her on the couch next to me, wondering why the black thing is making so much noise and why I keep talking into it.

She spent the day exploring the rest of the house, meeting our other cats, and then when it was time for bed... well she took my spot.

Sassy on the bed

Not pictured: My wife laughing and telling me I'm sleeping in the guest room because she's not kicking Sassy out of the bed for me.

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