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Getting to know you

By this time Sassy has been with us about a week, and we've noticed that not everything is what it seems with her. For starters, Sassy isn't a young kitty. She's actually a seasoned veteran of the "I like to hunt and kill everything I can" clan of cats, so much so that she didn't move very well any more. Her fur was matted down and covered with knots, and she's been incredibly tolerant of us working on them. She's starting to figure out the routine, isn't dehydrated any more, and isn't gorging on food left out for her causing her stomach to be upset. However, she's still looking pretty sad and man does she let you know when she's not happy. Have you ever heard a Maine Coon sized cat yell like a Siamese? Would you like to... you can come over and meet her.

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