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How we first met

Got an interesting call today from a local resident who was concerned about a kitty she'd seen around her house frequently the last few weeks. She'd been feeding the kitty but today she saw it trying to catch baby bunnies which raised alarm bells. See, she knew this kitty and was well aware that the kitty had been an indoor/outdoor cat for some time. She did some research and found out that the kitty's family moved away.... last fall and left the kitty outside to fend for itself in the Colorado winter right up against the foothills where there are many predators. The local resident decided it was best to trap the kitty and reached out to us to see if we could provide assistance with re-homing what she thought was a young female kitty name Sassy. This is the picture she was able to take after we said we'd be able to help.

Sassy outside

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