End of Watch: Sassafras

Two years ago “Sassy” came into my life via my Twice Purrfect Feline Rescue. “Sassy” was a local relinquishment from a family that had been taking care of her for many months after her family moved away and left her outside to fend for herself over a Colorado winter. Based on history she was believed to be an indoor/outdoor cat under 5 years of age, and a good candidate to be rehomed to a loving family even though there was a permanent sad look on her face. When “Sassy” came to us, it was soon clear that she was much older than 5, and that she was actually a he. And thus, he became Mr. Seymour Sassafras (Frassa for short). Frassa weighed in at just under 8 pounds, and his fur was matted fr

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