All cats must receive rabies vaccinations as required by law in the state of Colorado.


  • Name: Bailey

    DOB: 2017

    On 6-Nov-2019, a couple walked into Petco, went into the cat room, forcefully broke into one of the locked cages, and stole our beautiful Bailey.

    Bailey, who was an opinionated little girl, lost the chance to pick her family when these people ripped her (literally) out of her cage and stuffed her in a carrier and walked out. Bailey, who was pending adoption and had an absolutely wonderful home waiting for her the very next day.

    Things like this hit us especially hard emotionally, as well as hitting us financially...we spend hundreds of dollars of our own time and money to give these cats a chance at a home. These are living beings, with TONS of personality, who deserve the ability to have a loving home of their choosing. These thoughtless people checked all of the cages in the room, not caring what cat they took, until they found a weakness in a lock. We have been devastated, and can only imagine the emotions that poor Bailey is going through.

    She is more than "just a cat", and deserved better than what these people heartlessly chose to do.