It's a new dawn. It's a new day. It's a new life, for me. And I'm feelin' good.

We all got up early today to watch the birds from the upstairs windows. There sure are a lot of them down here since mom and dad have bird feeders, and so do several of the neighbors. Being up high gives me a good vantage point to plot my next move... oh, the parents are up. And look at this, I got to go outside and play in the grass! (with a harness and leash of course) I love grass! If you look close at this one you can see my missing hair where I was all matted. We're workin' on that though. Will be back to a shiny coat in no time.

Becoming one of the family

After a hectic day yesterday Mr. Sassafras decided it was time to join mom on the couch for TV time. And now that he's been up in the house more he's learning the routine. Feeding time with the other cats, sitting outside the bathroom door and yelling with the other cats because the door is closed while the kid showers, snuggling in bed with mom and dad, and the other cats.... did I mention he likes to hang out with the other cats? Unfortunately our other lap cat doesn't exactly like to share the bed (mostly it's that he doesn't like to share mom) but that's OK. Sassafras has found a purrfectly good place to sleep on his very own memory foam mattress on the nightstand next to dad's side of


Today was the big day for Ms. Sassy. She was comfortable at home, starting to get a bit more healthy and was finally ready to see the vet. So off we went... she didn't mind the car, but the bumps... she told me about every single bump in the road and how she was NOT ok with them. Enough was enough and she decided to sit on my daughter's lap for the ride. Once we got there Ms. Sassy got her checkup and what we suspected was confirmed. She was indeed a senior cat, probably older than our 15 year old based on her teeth and arthritis. The good news is that it's only in her knees, and her lack of mobility wasn't due to any major injury. We can treat this, and we will treat this. There was o

Out and about

Remember how I mentioned that Sassy has a mouth on her? Well this week she decided that she was tired of living in the basement with our other Maine Coon and our other long term foster Jasper and wanted to come out to the rest of the house. I can safely say that it's impossible to take a conference call with her yelling at the basement door because she knows I'm sitting on the couch. So instead, this is what we get. Her on the couch next to me, wondering why the black thing is making so much noise and why I keep talking into it. She spent the day exploring the rest of the house, meeting our other cats, and then when it was time for bed... well she took my spot. Not pictured: My wife laugh

Getting to know you

By this time Sassy has been with us about a week, and we've noticed that not everything is what it seems with her. For starters, Sassy isn't a young kitty. She's actually a seasoned veteran of the "I like to hunt and kill everything I can" clan of cats, so much so that she didn't move very well any more. Her fur was matted down and covered with knots, and she's been incredibly tolerant of us working on them. She's starting to figure out the routine, isn't dehydrated any more, and isn't gorging on food left out for her causing her stomach to be upset. However, she's still looking pretty sad and man does she let you know when she's not happy. Have you ever heard a Maine Coon sized cat yel

How we first met

Got an interesting call today from a local resident who was concerned about a kitty she'd seen around her house frequently the last few weeks. She'd been feeding the kitty but today she saw it trying to catch baby bunnies which raised alarm bells. See, she knew this kitty and was well aware that the kitty had been an indoor/outdoor cat for some time. She did some research and found out that the kitty's family moved away.... last fall and left the kitty outside to fend for itself in the Colorado winter right up against the foothills where there are many predators. The local resident decided it was best to trap the kitty and reached out to us to see if we could provide assistance with re-ho

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